Business Loan

Business Loan

About Business Loan & How Does It Work

The right business loan can help you get the capital you need to start a new venture, expand a current business, gain access to working capital, and cover necessary business expenses.

Business loans are a form of credit offered by lenders to businesses. In exchange for this money, lenders require repayment of the principal with interest and fees added to it. Usually, working capital loans require the borrower to make regular payments on a set schedule, but repayment terms and interest rates can vary quite a bit depending on the lender and your qualifications.

How to Check Eligibility for Business Loan?

Benefits Of Business Loan?

Entities like partnership firms, sole proprietorship, private limited companies, even hospitals and pathological labs can avail of business credit. Candidates who identify as self-employed non-professionals or self-employed professionals are also eligible to apply for a Business Loan in India.

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Advantages of Business Loans

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When Should You Choose a Business Loan?


Continuous business growth is marked with proliferating sales and multiplying profits. When expansion is your next step, opting for Business Loans can easily cover the short-term expenditure and various intermittent expenses. That way, your operational funds will remain intact as you bring in more sales with expansion.


Finished goods, raw materials, merchandise, and the rest of the inventory keeps the business operations going. An operational enterprise needs substantial capital to grow and loaded stock to cater to continuous consumer demand. Availing a Business Loan can assist your inventory management strategies and ensure offsetting of inventory cost without afflicting your income.

Cash Flow

Cultivating a steady stream of cash is critical for growing, budding, or struggling businesses. Inconsistent cash flow can affect your everyday costs of utilities, rent, staff, and inventory. Taking a Business Loan can help manage costs and sustain the business during tough times. Maintaining a certain working capital level helps you in crunch times or during the off-season in operating your business.


Workforces are nothing without the latest equipment backing their efforts. Purchases to repair, replace, and upgrade various kinds of machinery arise pretty often and acquiring the best-quality equipment is necessary. In such scenarios, Business Loans are ideal in offering a quick influx of money so that your business doesn't suffer due to broken or outdated equipment.

Business Loans

How to Apply for a Personal Loan?

  • Submit the Business loan application and the required documents.
  • You can also get in touch with VR Business Solutions representative over a phone call.
  • Offline loan applications can take a few business days to process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A business loan is an unsecured form of credit designed to fund the various capital needs of a business. Using different types of business loans, companies can scale new heights with increased manpower, advanced equipment, and faster turnaround time.

General Question

To avail a business loan, one must ideally have a CIBIL score of 700 or above. The same is true for both self-employed professionals such as doctors and engineers as well as self-employed non-professionals such as suppliers or manufacturers.

CIBIL or credit score plays a huge role in determining business loan eligibility. Since a company’s CIBIL score is its credit footprint, it enables lenders to know the timely repayment ability of the business loan applicant. 

Yes, you can get a business loan without any collateral or security.